5th Anniversary Golden Ticket Extravaganza!


Come to Kapow between January 22 and Feb 1 to pick up your lucky envelope! You may be the winner of a Golden Ticket on our 5th birthday celebration, February 2! Come one & all to Kapow Ltd., located in downtown Lethbridge. It is time to experience the wonder and joy of discovering your very own GOLDEN TICKET!

To participate you must come to Kapow & pick up a lucky envelope. You must then hold tight onto that untouched, sealed envelope, which must not be opened until the very, very special day of wondrous celebration, on Friday February 2nd.

On that day, Kapow will celebrate its 5th birthday & anniversary. You will then bring in your envelope which may be opened and you will discover the wonders it holds within!

Do not forget to come right away to Kapow to make sure you get your very own ticket (available Monday February 22nd to Thursday January 1st!) and do not miss your chance to be the lucky winner of the



So remember:

  • Come in to Kapow to pick up your Lucky Envelope (starting NOW!)
  • DON’T open the envelope!
  • Bring the sealed envelope back to Kapow on February 2nd 
  • When you are making a purchase you will get to finally open your envelope and see what is inside
  • Lucky Envelope must be opened at the till on February 2nd only!
  • Celebrate!

We will also have cake and cookies and celebrations to share for our 5th birthday. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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