Artist in Residence





The length of the Residency for the Artist in Residence program is twenty-four (24) weeks from the designated start date of the term.

The Artist in Residence will work two days a week at an agreed upon day and time, to be announced.

The artist will be provided a space for their work including a table and lighting.  All art supplies will be provided by the artist at their own expense.  The artist will also have full access to the internet and reference material in store.

The Artist in Residence is non-exclusive, allowing the artist to work on their own projects including commissions in addition to projects outlined in their application.  Said projects will be age and material appropriate for the store.

The Artist in Residence will be fully accessible to the public, answering questions about their project and work, critiquing other person’s works and offering advice on the arts.

The Artist in Residence will be provided a weekly stipend as agreed upon by themselves and Kapow Ltd.  The artist will invoice for this amount and is not an employee of Kapow Ltd., therefore not eligible for any benefits as such.

An Artist in Residence will not be able to work two consecutive programs.

Kapow Ltd has the right to terminate the position immediately due to repeated tardiness, failure to show for scheduled times or inappropriate behaviour and/or language while in store.


Applicants will provide curriculum vitae relevant to the Artist in Residence program.  This will be a list of experience and other qualifications.

Applicants will provide relevant career goals and how the position of Artist in Residence will help them accomplish those goals.

Applicants should include: list of community work that applies to the goals and position (such as “cons”, events, showings, etc) including reference contacts, samples of work (digital preferred) that are relevant to the Artist in Residence position at Kapow Ltd.  Sequential work is preferred but work in a field relevant to pop culture, comics, the hobby industry and the store WILL be taken into consideration.  One letter of recommendation, preferably from someone involved in the field.

The selected individual will be chosen by an anonymous group of voters.   The successful applicant will be announced January 5th 2015 and begin at Kapow Ltd the week of Jan 19th 2015.

Applications are due December 19th, 2014.  They can be delivered to the store during working hours at: 302 6th Street South, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2C8.   They can also be emailed to