Author: Matt Pope

Matt Pope is the Assistant Manager at Kapow Comics, Cards and Games. He has played TCG's(Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight Vanguard, MTG) since he was 6 years old and specializes in Magic the Gathering.Matt is also Kapow's in-house MTG Judge. Usually found at Kapow's Tap-Pit, Matt will help you with all of your TCG needs, whether that be buying a gift for the card player in your life or in setting you up with your very first deck.

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 13

Welcome home Planeswalkers! Matt’s Menagerie returns this week. I hope the return to Dominaria was a pleasant one. There were plenty of familiar and new faces during the pre release so thanks for joining me on those late nights. I sure had a blast. Dominaria brought an impressive amount of fun and excitement. I couldn’t open boosters fast enough to… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 12

Hello fellow Planeswalkers. I bring to you the heartiest of greetings as you read this, Matt’s Menagerie week 12. It was a long busy weekend of magic at Kapow. We hosted the Rivals of Ixalan Store Championship Friday night and we had our first ever store run competitive event on Saturday. I spent a good chunk of my weekend judging… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie -Week 11

Greetings my fellow Planeswalkers. I hope you all enjoyed a great holiday weekend full of good food and drink surrounded by family and friends.  I find holiday times a great time to take some time and enjoy the finer things.  What Planeswalker isn’t happy being surrounded by all of the amazing trinkets they discover on their quests around the Multiverse?.… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 9

Travellers of the Multiverse i welcome you to the Menagerie. Pull up a chair and join the celebration. This week Planeswalkers all over the Multiverse are celebrating Magic the gathering’s 25th anniversary.  25 years of Magic. Wow, what a milestone.  Through these 25 years the game has had plenty of ups and downs, flops and successes and still keeps on… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie-Week 6

Well met fellow Planeswalkers. Pull up a chair and a mug of Nabiz (Mishra’s favorite beverage if i remember correctly, the Brothers War was so long ago…) and let’s recount our travels throughout the Multiverse. Dominaria, a plane full of lush jungles, wide open plains, vast seas, deep mountain ranges and large oceans. Almost every type of landscape imaginable exists… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 4

Well met fellow Planeswalkers. Sorry the Menagerie is late this week. I’ve been a little swamped with some other projects.  How have your travels amongst the Multiverse been?  Have any of you been to Ravnica lately?  There is a fancy little sandwich joint in the in the Golgari district. If you can get past all the Golgari Longlegs walking the… Read more →