Author: Matt Pope

Matt Pope is the Assistant Manager at Kapow Comics, Cards and Games. He has played TCG's(Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight Vanguard, MTG) since he was 6 years old and specializes in Magic the Gathering.Matt is also Kapow's in-house MTG Judge. Usually found at Kapow's Tap-Pit, Matt will help you with all of your TCG needs, whether that be buying a gift for the card player in your life or in setting you up with your very first deck.

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 3

Well met Planeswalkers. How have your journeys through the Multiverse been? Everyone steering clear of Nicol Bolas and his grand schemes? What sights have you seen? What mana have you tapped into on the planes you have visited? What mighty creatures have you summoned or crafty spells have you cast in your duels against your fellow mages this week?  I’d… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie Week 2

  Ahoy Planeswalkers! Welcome to the second edition of Magic Matt’s Menagerie. This weekend brought us some amazing Magic action. Kapow hosted the Rivals of Ixalan expansion prerelease. All weekend long through the cold nights and early mornings, Planeswalkers from all over gathered at our tables to immerse themselves in the final chapter in the Ixalan block.It may have been… Read more →