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A New Chapter

To all our friends, family, and loyal customers: It has been a fantastic seven years, but it is time to close the doors on our Downtown location. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through thick and thin, and hope you will support our store in its new format. We will be opening an online store and… Read more →

Important news!

You may have noticed a bit of activity in store the past couple days.  Product moving, shelves disappearing.   No, we aren’t closing.   But things ARE changing.  We have made the tough decision to go back to our original one side and take on some fantastic neighbours (we will let them announce it first before we do).  The wall… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie Week 2

  Ahoy Planeswalkers! Welcome to the second edition of Magic Matt’s Menagerie. This weekend brought us some amazing Magic action. Kapow hosted the Rivals of Ixalan expansion prerelease. All weekend long through the cold nights and early mornings, Planeswalkers from all over gathered at our tables to immerse themselves in the final chapter in the Ixalan block.It may have been… Read more →