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Looking for: e-Commerce Staff Member!

Looking for: e-Commerce Staff Member! We are looking for someone to manage Kapow’s e-Commerce activities from start to finish, including:  – Photography of products – Posting product descriptions, prices, and categories – Responding to customer queries – Managing documentation and keeping sales and shipping organized – Reviewing product sales in-store, to ensure postings reflect inventory – Preparing and shipping product… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 13

Welcome home Planeswalkers! Matt’s Menagerie returns this week. I hope the return to Dominaria was a pleasant one. There were plenty of familiar and new faces during the pre release so thanks for joining me on those late nights. I sure had a blast. Dominaria brought an impressive amount of fun and excitement. I couldn’t open boosters fast enough to… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 12

Hello fellow Planeswalkers. I bring to you the heartiest of greetings as you read this, Matt’s Menagerie week 12. It was a long busy weekend of magic at Kapow. We hosted the Rivals of Ixalan Store Championship Friday night and we had our first ever store run competitive event on Saturday. I spent a good chunk of my weekend judging… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 9

Travellers of the Multiverse i welcome you to the Menagerie. Pull up a chair and join the celebration. This week Planeswalkers all over the Multiverse are celebrating Magic the gathering’s 25th anniversary.  25 years of Magic. Wow, what a milestone.  Through these 25 years the game has had plenty of ups and downs, flops and successes and still keeps on… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie-Week 6

Well met fellow Planeswalkers. Pull up a chair and a mug of Nabiz (Mishra’s favorite beverage if i remember correctly, the Brothers War was so long ago…) and let’s recount our travels throughout the Multiverse. Dominaria, a plane full of lush jungles, wide open plains, vast seas, deep mountain ranges and large oceans. Almost every type of landscape imaginable exists… Read more →

Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 4

Well met fellow Planeswalkers. Sorry the Menagerie is late this week. I’ve been a little swamped with some other projects.  How have your travels amongst the Multiverse been?  Have any of you been to Ravnica lately?  There is a fancy little sandwich joint in the in the Golgari district. If you can get past all the Golgari Longlegs walking the… Read more →