Events this week!

It’s a BUSY week at Kapow, so much so that it needed it’s own news story!  Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening at Lethbridge’s favorite comic, gaming and hobby store!

MONDAY:  POKEMONDAYS!  It’s begun!  By popular demand we are hosting Pokemon play every Monday evening.  It’s open play tonight, so come on down!  Double the RPG fun!  Shadowrun at 6pm and Pathfinder Society at 6:30!  Modern Magic is growing in leaps and bounds locally and begins at 6pm with a $5 entry fee and prizing!  Plus we have open Dicemasters this evening!

TUESDAY:  It’s LCG night!  Bring out the Netrunner or Game of Thrones and come on down for a unique gaming experience!  Open Miniatures wargaming also hits the tables.  Guild Ball is being playtested like crazy lately and there’s lots of anticipation for Warmachine Mark 3!  We also host a Shadows over Innistrad Draft at 6pm, $18 entry fee.

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday Night Magic!  Bring out those standard decks at 6pm.  $5 entry fee.  For those more “adventurous” we host Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s League at 6pm.  It’s HUGELY popular and ever growing.  Join in the realm of Ravenloft, both DM’s and players welcome!  Plus it’s Wing Wednesday!  Bring out the X-Wing or Star Trek Attack Wing and space battle!   It’s a good time to get the rust off before Sunday’s event!

THURSDAY: It’s our weekly Board Game Meet up!  Bring your own games, bring your own friends or make new ones!  Tons of players, tons of tabletop, tons of fun!  Plus Casual Commander and Tiny Leaders MTG.  Commander League play coming soon!

FRIDAY: In addition to the million of people coming through the doors, it’s time for Friday Night Magic!  Standard, Modern, Drafting and casual play all evening!  Fun and easy going Magic or as competitive as you like it, we host it all!  Plus TONS of space for opening gaming of all sorts!

SATURDAY: Uncanny X-Men Heroclix pre-release, the first we’ve run!  Hits at noon! Plus Saturday Board Gaming and Commander Play

SUNDAY: We host our Spring X-Wing Tournament!  It’s going to be an awesome one with a unique format! Plus we host an MTG Booster draft at 1pm and Pathfinder Society Core delves into dungeons at 1pm!


PHEW!  Told you we were a busy place!  Check out any of your favorites above and join in the biggest gaming community in Southern Alberta!


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