Happening this week at Kapow!

It’s a busy week, but what’s new!   We have tons of events this week, for gamers of every style.  Check out all the events below and join any and all of our favorites!



Monday evening sees a slew of events!  For those into RPG, Shadowrun starts at 6pm and Pathfinder Society at 6:30pm!  This will be the last Monday for PFS with it going weekly starting next Thursday.  Pokemon hits the tables at 6pm!  And our regular Monday Night Modern for all the Magic players starts at 6pm with a $5 entry fee.  Don’t forget to sign up for Eldritch Moon pre-release events while you’re here!








Come join in a Magic Booster Draft at 6pm!  $18 entry!  If that’s not for you, the Board Game Meet Up is playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords.  And Miniatures players come out for some wargaming action.


Wednesday Night Standard at 6pm!  $5 entry fee.  Getting excited for Eldritch Moon yet?  Plus the GIANT Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s League hits with tables starting at 5pm and 6pm!  New players AND DMs welcome!  Plus, it’s Wing Wednesday!  Join Star Trek Attack Wing as they take on Part 3 of the Temporal Cold War.  $5 entry!  Faction Pure, 120pts.


Curious about Guildball, the hottest miniatures game on the market?  Come to Spring Training at 6pm and learn all about this wonderful game!  Plus Kapow and the Board Game Meet Up present a Machi Koro: Millionaires Row tournament starting at 6pm.  Limited spots are available so make sure you get down and sign up!









It’s Canada Day and we’re open but with limited hours of 11am to 5pm!  We’ll still host our regular FNM, only at 1pm instead!


It’s the first day of our summer EDH/Commander League!  https://www.facebook.com/events/1743479539227401/

As well Warmachine/Hordes Mark 3 hits the shelves and we’re celebrating it with an all weekend Full Steam Event! https://www.facebook.com/events/1162996223730882/


The Warmachine Full Steam Weekend continues all day long!   Plus Pathfinder Society Core goes to adventure at 1pm!   And we host our second weekly MtG booster draft at 1pm as well!

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