Important news!

You may have noticed a bit of activity in store the past couple days.  Product moving, shelves disappearing.


No, we aren’t closing.


But things ARE changing.  We have made the tough decision to go back to our original one side and take on some fantastic neighbours (we will let them announce it first before we do).  The wall will be going back up and things will get condensed a bit.


It wasn’t an easy decision to make but we did make it with the best intentions for the business in mind.  It’s very expensive in a down economy to hold 5000+ square feet on our own, let alone insurance, utilities and all the upkeep that comes with it.  We’ve enjoyed the space but it was perhaps a bit ambitious and definitely more expensive then we ever expected.   We will be able to give our award winning customer service and even further booth with our awesome customers a bit closer and easier to take care of.


We have some excellent plans for the shop.  Merchandising will be tight and we will keep the expansive gaming area we have always been known for (and adding more in the back!)   Events of all sorts will still be a aplenty.

We will talk more about it later but for now it will stand as follows:   Big sales next week to clear out some stock.  We will stay open until September 1st (and host a big Age of Sigmar tournament that day!) and then close then 2nd for however long it takes us to get the wall back up and everything moved and re-done.   We are aiming for a Sept 7th re-open date.   However we will be open partially!  So if you need something you can simply email or call and see if we have it.  We will have a counter at the front door to help you out (and still be out of way of construction).  You’ll be able to get Magic singles (but no trading) and your special orders and comic subscriptions as well.  We may even host NCBD that Wednesday from outside, weather dependent.   

But don’t worry friends, we are here to stay!   These changes and the ones we’ve made leading up are a key to that!

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