Looking at the Horizon

The industry we are involved in: games, tabletop, comic books, is always changing and never faster then now. It takes a lot of constant adjustments to keep up let alone get ahead of the trends. At Kapow we are trying to stick ahead and have made some changes already. We’ve cut lines, picked up others and concentrated on areas we think will keep an LGS alive, namely becoming an experience.

Great event space and providing gamers and hobbyists with superb experiences are number one. We’ve seen GIGANTIC growth in this. Dungeons and Dragons has increased to two nights and we could easily run a third if we chose. Our Learn to Play Monday nights have been becoming more popular. Minis gaming, especially Warhammer 40k have seen explosive growth. Just half a year into carrying the product and we are running league events with sixteen players. And that’s not counting the Age of Sigmar players, Shadespire, etc. Plus we have continuous weekly X-Wing, Flames of War and Guildball play.

Keeping with the ever changing industry we are working on some other projects. The one we can talk about is rented shelf space ala consignment boutiques like our awesome neighbour Purple Hippo. While we are still finalizing details and will release them soon, this will be amazing for collectors and creators in between cons and expos. You’ll simply rent space monthly on our shelves and sell your product: toys, comic books, etc. We will have rates for both shelf space and for space for your comic boxes. You set the prices and your items get constant looks. It will be cheaper then most shows you do, but much longer! We will host all the transactions, with a small up charge for the customer when using credit/debit to cover machine and transaction fees. Pay attention to this space for more news shortly!

As well we have some really big events in the works. Free Comic Book Day will be our biggest ever. We’ve teamed with our awesome friends at Valiant Comics and will have our logo on one of their books! Plus we are working with local shops to make this a whole block party of fun! We are also working towards a fall event, hosting a massive miniatures and tabletop weekend with tourneys, demos and open play for a whole weekend in a larger venue. We’ve run similar events (Coulee Carnage) pre-Kapow and look forward to doing it again!

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