Magic Matt’s Menagerie, Week 1

Well met Planeswalker, you are reading the first of a new series I’ve called Magic Matt’s Menagerie. This is going to be a weekly article where i talk all things TCG, with a focus on Magic: the Gathering. I will post weekly events at Kapow, awesome new cards added to our stores collection, event deck lists and much more.

First, i’d like to introduce myself.For those of you who have never been into Kapow, Welcome! My name is Matt and you can find me usually manning the cabinets in Kapow’s card area called the Tap-Pit.This place is very special as it houses Kapow’s card collection. I am also our stores very own in-house level 1 judge.This means i help out by answering calls, helping to fix mistakes and ensure the integrity of Magic events. Outside of events, Judges are ambassadors of the community, helping players, store owners, and judge candidates.So I’m here to help you.

This week brings us some awesome MTG events. Starting tonight at 6 pm,brings us Standard, a format of Magic where players duel with a 60 card deck, using cards from only the most recent MTG sets. This event kicks off at 6 pm so make sure you’re on time or early so we can get you registered.This weekend brings us Friday Night Magic (FNM for short). A weekly gathering of MTG players. This event happens every week and the format changes throughout the month here at Kapow. This weekend is Modern.This format uses cards from most recent sets all the way down to 8th Edition. Come join the festivities and get some awesome promotional cards. 6 pm start time and its a FREE event.

Showcasing this weekend is the Rivals of Ixalan prerelease. All weekend long players will have the chance to open MTG’s newest set a week before everyone else. Prerelease is a fantastic time to get into magic. New cards and a fresh start. Events start Friday night at midnight and running all weekend long.Bring a friend and come sign up for an adventure in a world of Dinosaurs, Pirates and Vampires.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks edition of Magic Matt’s Menagerie. Drop us a line if there is something you would like to see in this article.I’d love to hear from you. Until next time and whatever corner of the Multiverse you are from, remember to keep watch.





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  1. Rico
    January 9, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    This is great, looking forward to this being weekly!

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