Magic Matt’s Menagerie -Week 11

Greetings my fellow Planeswalkers. I hope you all enjoyed a great holiday weekend full of good food and drink surrounded by family and friends.  I find holiday times a great time to take some time and enjoy the finer things.  What Planeswalker isn’t happy being surrounded by all of the amazing trinkets they discover on their quests around the Multiverse?.

Throughout fantasy lore, objects of magical power have always been a go to for heroes and villains. From the 9 rings in the Lord of the Rings to Voldemort’s horcruxes in Harry Potter. Items of power and value have always been the bread and butter of any character in those stories. After all, what is a Jedi without his lightsaber? Or a wizard without his wand?. Throughout Magic the Gathering’s history artifacts have been used to help you cast your spells earlier, buff your creatures or stall your opponent’s strategies.  You can find artifact cards in every magic deck. No matter the strategy.

Being majority colorless, artifacts have always been found to be incredibly useful and versatile to any magic deck.  They enhance certain creature types, they improve the stats on your creatures. They can lock your opponents strategies down until yours have come to fruition. Some are also so powerful as to even control your opponent entirely ( like Mindslaver) . Being colorless has allowed them to be able to be used in virtually any strategy. They range in all shapes and sizes and types. Some artifacts are spheres or necklaces, some are diamonds and jewels. Some are weapons and gear.  Some can even become or are creatures ( like Wurmcoil Engine) to help create additional pressure on your opponent. Some are even Vehicles in which your creatures can help pilot. There are even artifacts that are literally called Treasure. No matter what your strategy is, somewhere there is an artifact there to help you or be used against you.

Because of how versatile and powerful artifacts can be this has created a vast amount of hate and counters to them. Many cards have been printed to deal with artifacts specifically and many of them are very easy to get onto the battlefield. Stony Silence is a great example of the power of anti-artifact cards. With the demand for artifacts a lot of them are very expensive to purchase and can be quite valuable. The most expensive and arguably the most powerful artifact in the game, Black Lotus, is the crown jewel to any magic player and brings with it a giant price tag. As of Nov.17.2017 a  Beta Edition Black Lotus card was sold for a whopping $100,000.  Most of the Power 9 is comprised of artifacts. 9 cards considered to be the most powerful and rare in the entire game.

I was super excited this morning as i was browsing the latest spoilers from the upcoming Dominaria set and discovered that the Weatherlight has been rebuilt and made into a vehicle artifact card. You can now make your creatures crew the iconic skyship Weatherlight! With the return to Dominaria we are seeing one of the most beloved artifacts in the game, Karn the Golem Planeswalker. Orginally an artifact creature and created by the  Urza, Planeswalker, Karn returns again in this set with a second Planeswalker card.  We are also getting a brand new Mox in Mox Amber. A powerful new mana producing artifact based on Legendary creatures and Planeswalkers you control.

So, what artifacts have you collected? Any artifacts you can’t live without when you build a deck? Let me know in the comments below.

This week at Kapow are a whole bunch of awesome MTG events:

Monday – Modern, 6 pm, $8 entry fee

Tuesday – Standard, 6 pm, $8 entry fee

Thursday -Casual Commander, free event

Friday – Rivals of Ixalan Store Championship, 6 pm, $5 entry. Standard format. Come battle for the Store Championship playmat and the Top 8 promos and prizes!

Saturday – Commander League week 5 at 1 pm and our first ever Modern GP booster. Event is linked here:

Come out and support Kapow’s first competitive in house magic event. This will be modern constructed and at competitive rules enforcement level. Deck lists will be required. registration ends at 10:45 am. Players meeting at 10:50 am. Event starts at 11 am. I will be your Judge for the event. I look forward to seeing you out playing the great format of modern.

Thanks for reading this week. Here is some very important information to remember for the week. A Squire, a Dark Confidant and a Noble Hierarch walk into a bar. They all go up to order a drink, when suddenly the Confidant and the Hierarch drop dead. The Squire panics and yells to the bartender: “What the heck just happened?!” The bartender looks down and says: “Eh, what’d ya expect? This is a -1/-1 counter.”





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