Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 12

Hello fellow Planeswalkers. I bring to you the heartiest of greetings as you read this, Matt’s Menagerie week 12. It was a long busy weekend of magic at Kapow. We hosted the Rivals of Ixalan Store Championship Friday night and we had our first ever store run competitive event on Saturday. I spent a good chunk of my weekend judging those events. From my earliest days playing magic, i loved watching, playing and traveling to magic tournaments. Travelling many many miles even to get a taste of the highest caliber of players possible.To test my own skill with a deck i crafted myself. To experience the rush of winning against a complete stranger. To feel the crushing defeat of a game you thought you could win. All those emotions and feelings come from playing competitive magic. Luckily enough, magic has its very own competitive circuit.

The first major competitive magic event was the World Championship 1994 held at Gen Con. The entire event was run over the course of three days and was single elimination. The event had 512 people in attendance.  The event was a grueling one. With magic being so new and the rules and judge association being practically non-existent, it was surprising the event even came together like it did. The championship brought magics first ever champion.  Zak Dolan claimed the trophy and booster pack prizes, a playing card deck with MTG backs on them, but no cash. Due to the surprising popularity of the event another World Championship was organized for the following year.

Wizards of the Coast knew if magic was to have a lasting effect, it needed to step up its game. People needed something to make their mark. Something were legends could be made and heroes of the game could inspire others. A place the best in the game could gather and be rewarded for their dedication to the game. Not just once a year, like the World Championship but several times a year. Holding the Pro Tour at different locations for every event would allow the most dedicated players to attend and would show the seriousness and professionalism of competitive play. This would allow for some awesome travel plans throughout the year.  The very first Pro Tour event was held February 16 -19 of 1996 in none other than the Big Apple, New York City. Richard Garfield ( the creator of Magic) was in attendance to see how much his game had grown in just a short three years.  The event was even televised which was not common at all for a game like magic during that time.

With the rise of the Magic Professional circuit came a HUGE demand for competitive events. Players wanted a competitive event that anyone could attend without having to attend a bunch of qualifying tournaments. Thus, the Grand Prix circuit was born. An event like the Pro Tour, which travels the globe to exotic and exciting locations that ANYONE can attend and get the experience of being at a competitive event.Winners of Grand Prix’s can win invitations to the Pro Tour, and substantial cash prizes and exclusive promos. Unlike the Pro Tour, Grand Prix’s have become a huge gathering hub for magic players, vendors and artists. Beyond the main event ( which is usually a variant of constructed or limited formats) Grand Prix’s are the equivalent of a comic con. With sometimes well over 2000 people in attendance, it is a great entry point for anyone looking to get the experience of a large tournament without grinding out the qualifying tournaments. Wizards hosts anywhere from 20-30 Grand Prix’s a year.They are a ton of fun and i personally have traveled to many Grand Prixs. Road trip anyone? Check to see if the circuit is coming to a city near you!

This weekend we hosted a Grand Prix Booster tournament. A large chunk of our modern players came out to compete on Saturday. They played 8 rounds of magic with a variety of decks and strategies. The winner of the event was Jason Racine ( who coincidentally had a deck featured on the Menagerie from one of our standard showdown events). Jason is a very active member of our magic community and played well during the event. Here is the deck he crafted and piloted during the tournament . Eldrazi Tron, a mix of powerful midrange Eldrazi creatures and high costed win conditions like Karn Liberated and Ugin the Spirit Dragon. Using the power of Eldrazi temple and the Urza lands to ramp into them early and catch your opponent off guard. This deck (and its different versions) have been “Smashing opponents out of reality”:

Jason Racine’s Eldrazi Tron Deck


Main Deck


Warping Wail x 1

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon x 3

Karn Liberated x 1

Basilisk Collar x 2

Expedition Map x 4

All is Dust x 2

Dismember x 1

Endbringer x 4

Batterskull x 1

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger x 1

Walking Ballista x 4

Thought-Knot Seer x 4

Reality Smasher x 4

Matter Reshaper x 4

Urza’s Mine x 4

Urza’s Tower x 4

Urza’s Powerplant x 4

Ghost Quarter x 3

Eldrazi Temple x 4

Sanctum of Ugin x 1

Sea Gate Wreckage x 1

Wastes x 3



Spatial Contortion x 2

Sorcerous Spyglass x 2

Surgical Extraction x 1

Spellskite x 2

Ratchet Bomb x 2

Relic of Progenitus x 2

Grafdigger’s Cage x 1

Kozilek, the Great Distortion x 1

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn x 1

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon x 1


Well played Jason and congrats on winning our first ever GP Booster!

Well thanks for reading this weeks menagerie Planeswalkers. Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday – Our usually modern event, $8 entry, 6 pm start time

Tuesday- Standard at 6 pm. Get geared up for Dominaria and play some standard with the best in Lethbridge. Bring those challenger decks or buy one in store if you are needing a standard deck. $8 entry, 6 pm start time.

Thursday – Casual commander, 6 pm, FREE event

Friday – The format for this week is Modern, 6 pm start time, No entry fee. Regular FNM promos are back!! Come test your skill and claim your prize!

Saturday – Commander League, 1 pm, no entry. We are getting close to the end of the season so make sure to earn those points and claim that title of Kapow’s first Archmage.

Sunday-  This weekend is Dominaria Open House. This event is free. Come bring a friend or someone who is wanting to get into magic. There will be people available to teach you and to give you some free MTG decks and promos just for coming out. What a great way to get someone into MTG!

Kapow is also taking pre registration for our Dominaria Pre release events AND pre orders on all Dominaria products. Come sign up. Remember, if you pre order a box of Dominaria, you get the sweet promo card Firesong and Sunspeaker only available for those who pre order!  Thanks again for reading this week, i wish everyone the safest of travels among the planes.








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