Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 13

Welcome home Planeswalkers! Matt’s Menagerie returns this week. I hope the return to Dominaria was a pleasant one. There were plenty of familiar and new faces during the pre release so thanks for joining me on those late nights. I sure had a blast. Dominaria brought an impressive amount of fun and excitement. I couldn’t open boosters fast enough to see what treasures were inside them. I still need to sort through a whole bunch of cards and get them into card sleeves, decks and binders. It is times like these i am grateful for the invention of  card sleeves and binders. They sure make organization a lot easier.

When i played magic on the playground during my school yard days, no one used sleeves. When a duel was about to take place, both players would bring out their decks from whatever backpack or lunchbox they were in, wrapped in the best rubber bands a grade school kid’s allowance could buy. The battlefield was usually a bench or on the cement in front of the school. Beyond the weird, judgemental inquiring looks from parents, teachers and fellow students, those involved were locked in fierce battle.  After all, the reputation of being the best spellslinger on the playground was on the line. The nicks and edges on your cards showed how much you played, no one really cared about condition during those days.  It wasn’t until grew up a bit more and we learned to take care of our things that we discovered how important taking care of our cards really was.

Over the years ( and a substantial increase in the amount of money i invested in this hobby) i realized it may be a good idea to properly give my cards the treatment they deserved.  Deck boxes, sleeves, binders, portfolios, cardboard storage units, the list grew as my collection did. Over the years i sampled many different brands and types of card accessories. I’m gonna go over a few i feel have done well for me. Some of these products we even carry in Kapow.

Dragon Shields – These sleeves have become a personal favourite of mine and rank high on my list of sleeves. Not only do Dragon Shields come in packs of 100 sleeves, they come in a massive variety of colours and now include a specially formulated decal series of sleeves featuring art from well known MTG artists. The non artist series features all matte backed sleeves which i find a fantastic feature. Dragon Shields also now come in packs of 60’s if you aren’t looking to buy a bunch of them at a time. Overall this brand gets my seal of approval. Dragon Shields will range in price from $8-15. Come try them out.

Ultra Pro Eclipse/Ultra Pro – Veteran card players will remember Ultra Pro being one of the only card accessory companies. Along with Ultra Pro’s generic brand of matte sleeves, they recently released a brand new kind sleeve. Called Eclipses, they sport a matte style back, slightly frosted front and are very good quality. You can get Eclipses in both 80 packs and 100 packs. Eclipse sleeves range from $10-12. They are one the great sleeve products Ultra Pro puts out, so if you like the brand try them out. 

 For deckboxes i recommend anything from Ultimate Guard. They have a wide selection of deck boxes available but the one almost all of my decks are in are the Sidewinders and the Flip’N’Trays. The Sidewinders are meant for single decks while the Flip’N’Trays come in both single and double sizes. I use the sidewinders for my single constructed decks and the Flip ‘N’ Trays i use for commander decks. The Flip ‘N’ Trays are larger in size and perfect for commander. Both versions are made with their patented Xenoskin and incredibly strong magnets. If you are ever in store looking for a deck box, this is the one for you. Ask for a demo on the different features of this product. These products can range from $20-40 depending on the version you get.

Binders i usually go with anything that can side load.  9 pocket Binder sheets and 3 ring binders were what i used to use before i discovered binders with built in pages. They are made across all TCG brands. I really haven’t one better over the other. Just make sure it has pages that are acid and PVC free.  These side loading binders are great for storing your valuable cards. They are much harder for people to take cards out of and the pages are very durable. All you need to do is decide what kind of binder you want.

Magic accessories are an amazing resource and investment. They keep you cards safe and i wouldn’t be caught without them. We take out insurance for our houses and cars, so why not keep your MTG investment safe? Well my fellow Planeswalkers, thanks for reading this week. I can’t wait to see you at the Tap-Pit. Come tell me of your travels on Dominaria.

Here is this week’s MTG schedule:

Monday – Modern, 6 pm. $8.00 entry. One of the most popular nights for you competitive players

Tuesday – Standard , 6 pm. $8.00 entry. Dominaria is standard legal so make sure your decks are adjusted accordingly. Next week Standard Showdown resumes.

Thursday – Casual Commander starting at 6 pm. Free entry

Friday -Friday Night Magic this week is Standard. 6 pm start time. Entry is free.  FNM promos return, this month is “Cast Down”.

Saturday – Commander League, 1 pm. Free entry. Only one more week to go after this one so get those points!





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