Magic Matt’s Menagerie Week 2


Ahoy Planeswalkers! Welcome to the second edition of Magic Matt’s Menagerie. This weekend brought us some amazing Magic action. Kapow hosted the Rivals of Ixalan expansion prerelease. All weekend long through the cold nights and early mornings, Planeswalkers from all over gathered at our tables to immerse themselves in the final chapter in the Ixalan block.It may have been a cold weekend but our players were exploring the humid, hot jungles of Ixalan. Braving the mighty dinosaurs,cunning Merfolk, cutthroat pirates and bloodthirsty vampires, players sacrificed sleep to find the legendary city of Orazca.

     I am always in awe in the dedication and love players have for coming together for a tournament. Every since i was a child, i’ve attended local game shops to play trading card games. My father sparked my interest in trading cards when he would buy his sports cards once a week. I would of go with him to whatever shop, be it local hobby shops to 7-11 in his quest for the booster pack he needed. In those days (early 90’s) trading card games did not exist quite yet.I would be so fascinated in his excitement as he would open up the boosters he carefully hunted down to find a piece of cardboard with a picture of a specific player on it. These things were not like the toys i had played with during my young life so far. How did he find so much pleasure in a piece of paper?

   A couple years passed and my interest in his hobby grew. His shoebox of cards under his bed, the stacks of unopened boosters laying on his night stand, the sound of the crinkling plastic as he unwrapped the pack. All became overwhelmingly interesting to me. During the summer of ‘94 i went with my dad to his regular shop.He came over to me and sat down beside me. After bringing out his booster packs he handed me a pack of something Called Magic the Gathering. The shop owner had brought in a box of Revised and said is was something new and geared for kids. That was it. The artwork was amazing. The magical artifacts and creatures got my imagination working. The rush i felt when i opened up the card i was looking for was something is still something i can’t describe to this day. My father would collect Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux and i would collect Dragons and Elves.

Prerelease is always an event that brings out nostalgic feelings for me. Attending tournaments is one of the awesome experiences you get playing magic.I’m gonna give you guys a bit of a rundown on how to attend your first tournament. First, you should know that all magic tournaments are different. Some are much more competitive than others. Some events are for high stakes, with players decks geared out with some of the most rarest and powerful cards magic has to offer. As fun as these events are they aren’t for the faint of heart and should probably be attended after you have been to a couple more casual events. Other tournaments are much more casual and laid back. Players at these events usually are attending weekly events at a local level and are more than happy to have patience with you in a much more relaxed atmosphere. Prerelease is a great example of a casual event. Excellent for new or returning players.

   Let me give you some tips about attending a tournament with a little more on the line. First off, make sure you are solid on the deck you’ve decided to play. Get a few games in in advance so you know how it works or if you may need to tweak something in your deck. Nothing is worse than getting to a tournament and second guessing your choices. Once you’ve decided your deck is set, stick with it. Don’t worry about the variance, it’s going to happen anyway. Check the ban list for the format you are playing to make sure you have no illegal cards. Next, make sure your deck is written down card for card and the quantity of each card.

Usually you can print off a nice organized sheet to do so. If not, just make sure everything is written down nice and neat so tournament officials have no problem knowing the contents of your deck.

  Be early to the tournament venue. Make sure you get there with plenty of time remaining so you can get seated, find out a little about the area and meet some of the judges and tournament officials. Make sure you have had plenty of rest. There is plenty of time for food, drink and revelry when you’re victorious. Make sure you have lots of water and some snacks on you. Tournaments can go for 8 or 9 rounds at 50 minutes each. Thats a lot of time playing cards so make sure you are well nourished. Don’t worry if you don’t win. In a tournament of 2000 people there is only going to be 1 winner and 1999 people who are in the same boat as you. If you do win that’s fantastic! Congratulations, you’re on your way in your first ever tournament. Just remember that learning and growing in the game are what matters most. Everyone starts off new. In time you will be slinging spells and summoning creatures like the Planeswalker you are. Keep at it. You can experience as much or little of tournament life as you want. The world of magic is at your disposal.

  So, with some brand new knowledge why don’t you come try out some of our events this week? Let me run through this weeks events with you:

-Monday.Jan.15.18 – Modern, 6pm,$8.00 entry

-Tuesday.Jan.16.18-Standard, 6pm,FREE come test out those new Rivals of Ixalan cards from prerelease.

-Thursday.Jan.18.18- Casual Commander 6pm FREE

-Friday Night Magic Jan.19.18- Standard FREE,Commander FREE and Draft $18.00 AND a $30 sealed event.  (Rivals of Ixalan becomes standard legal and on sale)

-Saturday. Jan.20.18-Casual Commander 1pm FREE

-Sunday.Jan.21.18 RIX draft $18.00 2 packs per person into prizing.

   Lastly this week is also the launch of Kapow’s first ever Hotsheet Buylist. This is a selection of cards from all formats that the store will take into our collection for store credit no matter what. This will be updated occasionally as new popular cards come out.The Hotsheet will be located on the counter of the Tap-Pit. Come check out the Hotsheet and get some premium store credit. That covers this week. Remember to always cut your opponents deck and to keep those draws strong.

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