Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 3

Well met Planeswalkers. How have your journeys through the Multiverse been? Everyone steering clear of Nicol Bolas and his grand schemes? What sights have you seen? What mana have you tapped into on the planes you have visited? What mighty creatures have you summoned or crafty spells have you cast in your duels against your fellow mages this week?  I’d like to welcome you to the Menagerie week 3. Brew up a pot of Kaladesh coffee and lets get into it.

Speaking of Kaladesh, what a fantastic set. One of the most vibrant and most colourful sets I’ve seen. Kaladesh is a world full of Invention and wonder. Filled with Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Vedalken, an assortment of imaginative creatures and a bunch of magical items called Artifacts. Artifacts are some of the most sought after cards in magic.Reason being is most artifacts can be included in any deck. Introduced in Kaladesh were a special set of cards called Masterpieces. Originally starting in Zendikar, Masterpieces are specially printed, foil versions of highly sought after cards from magics history. Usually based on a theme like “lands” or “artifacts” they feature fantastic artwork and design.Highly sought after by collectors these cards come with very high price tags. I myself found myself under “Dragon Sickness” seeking the premium foils of cards i’d already owned.

Collecting cards is essential to any card player’s life. Insomuch now that i seek after premium versions of other things i collect not even card related.With this drive to collect i find myself grabbing collectors editions of game guides and books. You’d be surprised at some of the extra stuff that comes in these items. I’ve seen everything from full cartographic maps to backpacks that come with a solar charger for electronic devices.  They are incredibly fun to hunt down and my tiny house is running out of shelf space. Luckily i have a loving and supportive spouse who deals with my collections with the utmost patience.My passion for magic has been an important part of my life. I love all aspects of the game. From the casual to the competitive. From the buying to the trading. I’ve made everlasting memories playing magic.

Beyond all the glimmer of all the gold magic has a rich story that has been expanding for 25 years. This year is magic’s 25 anniversary. That’s 25 years of story. Every new set is like another chapter. You get to follow all your favourite characters and be a part of the story each time a new set comes out. Only veterans of MTG know that fat packs used to contain actual novels, written by well known fantasy writers during the 90’s-2000’s. I scour used book stores and garage sales for these precious volumes. They are really hard to find. When i do find them they are added to my ever growing collection of magic reading material. Now the novels are obsolete and we get a weekly article by columnists who follow whatever set is current. Certain cards now have a marking on the bottom (story spotlight followed by a number) if they correspond with a certain story article so you can follow the entirety of the story.

With the Ixalan block concluded with Rivals of Ixalan, we move onto the next story based on the nexus of the Multiverse. We will be visiting Dominaria very soon, returning to us to magics roots. i for one am very excited to see what old faces have been up to since we were last there.

Matt’s judge advice for the week. Sometimes during a match we know we are defeated. Our opponents have the game if they attack or they tap a certain permanent. A lot of players concede at this point before the game is done. In a book i was reading a little while back, an apprentice was talking with his master about defeat. His master told him ” if you are about to hanged, ask for water. Anything can happen before they go and fetch it”. Meaning essentially do not give up until the game is over. Your opponent may not attack or tap that permanent and you could win. Finish your game, play out every possible situation and give you and your  opponent the proper respect by playing until the game is over.

Thanks for reading this weeks edition of the Menagerie. Come visit me in the Tap-Pit this week. Come talk some lore with me or let me give you a hand looking for that special card. Until next time Planeswalkers, Keep those draws sharp and never trust your opponent until you’ve cut their deck.

This weeks schedule:

Monday-Modern 6 pm $8.00 entry

Tuesday-Standard 6 pm $8.00 entry( Next Tuesday Standard Showdown begins)

Thursday-Casual Commander 6 pm

Friday -FNM Proxy Legacy (unsanctioned), 10 cents a proxy entry ( with option of Standard if Legacy doesn’t fire) Draft and Commander 6 pm

Saturday- Casual Commander 1 pm

Updated standard and modern Top 50’s including Rivals of Ixalan







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