Magic Matt’s Menagerie-Week 6

Well met fellow Planeswalkers. Pull up a chair and a mug of Nabiz (Mishra’s favorite beverage if i remember correctly, the Brothers War was so long ago…) and let’s recount our travels throughout the Multiverse.

Dominaria, a plane full of lush jungles, wide open plains, vast seas, deep mountain ranges and large oceans. Almost every type of landscape imaginable exists on this world. Dominaria boasts an amazing array of creatures and races. Goblins, elves, merfolk, minotaurs, humans, dragons, slivers, angels, demons,Vampires and a plethora more, call Dominaria their home. Dominaria is the nexus of the Multiverse. What happens on Dominaria ripples out to other planes through the Blind Eternities. It is the birthplace and home to an impressive amount of iconic beings in the magic universe including Liliana Vess, Nicol Bolas the Elder Dragon Planeswalker, the artificer brothers Urza and Mishra, Karn and Teferi.

All five colors of magic are relevant and in force on Dominaria. It is a gathering place for many Planeswalkers in the multiverse. The plane has undergone vast changes over the years and several main story and design arcs, are based around it.In the next couple months we are getting a highly anticipated core magic set. In April of this year we will be returning to magic’s roots and visiting one of the most iconic planes in magic’s history. Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Ice Age, Alliances, Cold Snap, Mirage, Visions, Urza’s Saga, Urza’s Legacy, Urza’s Destiny, Invasion, Planeshift, Apocalypse, Odyssey, Torment, Judgement, Onslaught, Legions, Scourge, Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight and part of Weatherlight are all sets in MTG’s history that predominately took place on Dominaria. That’s a lot of sets. Having a block finally named Dominaria is very exciting.

Magic’s early years may have been full of story and flavor, but the game was very new and mechanics and cards were oftentimes very confusing and unclear. Artwork was commissioned per set and sometimes became inconsistent. Richard Garfield ( the creator of MTG) was very involved in design both lore wise and mechanically. MTG in the 90’s was a very different game compared to this streamlined game we have now. I remember playing with other kids my age and not knowing what certain mechanics were or how they interacted ( due to mechanics having no explanation text as sets came out). Banding, regeneration, Flanking all were mechanics my young mind couldn’t grasp right away. Being young and innovating,we got around this by making up rules once we all agreed what a certain mechanic did. This made for some really good times.

If i knew certain cards we played with when i was younger would become so rare and iconic in our modern times, i would of been more careful how i traded with my friends. in the early 90’s Black Lotus was a card worth $24.00 before it became one of the crowning jewels for any MTG player. It now has held a price upwards of $25,000 and there is record of one being sold for $100,000. Who wanted a silly flower when you could own the best dragon card ever, Shivan Dragon.My opponets feared the wrath of my mighty Shivan Dragon.  Shivan Dragon is now worth less than a dollar. A dollar card but worth a million memories.

I for one am waiting with high anticipation as Dominaria grows ever near. If you are new to magic or even a veteran Planeswalker why not use this as a time to reinvigorate yourself and find the spark inside you again. This is the perfect time to stand with the Gatewatch as they establish themselves on Dominaria and unite to protect the Multiverse. See you on Dominaria!


This weeks FNM is going to be Pauper. Commander and draft will be on tap as well for those wanting to play something else. Our FNM starts at 6 pm. Like all of Kapow’s Friday Night Magic It is a free event. Come on down and join me at the Tap-Pit. I can’t wait to see you. Have a great week in the meantime, don’t let Taunting Elves ruin your day and make sure to keep your sleeves fresh.






  2 comments for “Magic Matt’s Menagerie-Week 6

  1. Will
    February 13, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    I understand the desire to reminisce and be excited about the new set, but the new Dominaria set doesn’t come out until April. Why not focus on current events in magic? Last week would have been a great time to talk about the Pro Tour; this week, you could have focused on the cards coming off the Banlist. These are cool interesting things happening, where you could provide some analysis or at least commentary. Instead, you talk about Dominaria, when the return to Dominaria set isn’t until April. I’m just a bit confused about the point of this blog.

  2. Matt Pope
    February 19, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Hey Will. Matt’s Menagerie is a blog where i talk about many different subjects involving TCGs. Whether it be me reminiscing about exciting things coming out over the next couple months or if their is something cool happening in the competitive world. It won’t always be about the current Pro Tour events or things like that.It will however give a brief run down of current events in the store. The Pro Tour isn’t always something every person who reads my blog is wanting to hear about.Some people don’t care about ban lists or otherwise.Some weeks will have competitive news and current events, some weeks it will be lore and story. This weeks Menagerie is focused on bannings and unbannings in magics history however, so check it out. The ban list wasn’t in effect until this week so i didn’t write about it last week. I appreciate the feedback.Thanks for reading. Any more questions feel free to contact me.

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