Magic Matt’s Menagerie – Week 9

Travellers of the Multiverse i welcome you to the Menagerie. Pull up a chair and join the celebration. This week Planeswalkers all over the Multiverse are celebrating Magic the gathering’s 25th anniversary.  25 years of Magic. Wow, what a milestone.  Through these 25 years the game has had plenty of ups and downs, flops and successes and still keeps on growing.  This 25 year addiction of mine has been a wild ride. I am so excited to see what is in store for us in the future of the game.

Opening booster packs. That is the bread and butter of every magic player that has ever played the game. Set after set, card after card. It is the fuel that keeps the game going. What if i was to tell you this weekend WoTC is releasing a set chocked full of some of the best cards in magic’s history? Well they are. Let me introduce you to Masters 25. A wonderful selection of some of the most iconic cards in magic’s 25 year history.  Every card in this premium magic set is watermarked with the original set it was in. Not only that but some of the cards in the set are getting brand new artwork and some of them are also getting foils for the first time.  Some cards even feature new flavor text , some even referencing the original flavor texts. How awesome is that? Each pack will be a stroll down memory lane for the veteran players. For those new players, they get to jump in and enjoy the same cards those veterans enjoyed so long ago.

Most of magic’s history has revolved around the plane Dominaria. In a previous Matt’s Menagerie i talked about the plane of Dominaria and the goings on there. Returning to magic’s roots gives new players a great place to start and old players a chance to relive their childhood. Unfortunately we live in a world where technology and mishaps happen and Dominaria was leaked early. Not everything in the set but a good chunk of it.  The set notes which contain game mechanics, new errata and rule changes were in those leaks. WoTC made a good situation about it, by releasing a bunch of the new card texts and even apologised for the mistake. I give them strong props for that.

As we move into a time of remembering, i often think of the different cards that I’ve played with over the years. Some cards I’ve played because of their power. A lot of magic cards look terrible but are fantastic competitive cards. There have been a TON though I’ve loved through the years. My favourite cards are the Dragonlords from Dragons of Tarkir. These were two colour Elder Dragon creatures that led mighty clans on the plane of Tarkir. Dragonlord Ojutai (white and blue) and Dragonlord Atarka (red and green) being my favourites in particular. A little farther back we have the blue spells, Flash and Preordain. Going back even farther in my magic past, cards like the artifacts Scroll Rack and the enchantment Sylvan Library were cards i thoroughly enjoyed playing with. Ever heard of Lightning Bolt?  You can bet if it was printed in every format that card would be played. It isn’t the number one modern top 50 card for nothing.

Rubber bands and crayon boxes were common sights for card storage on the playground those days. We valued cards for their play-ability or thier art. The value was in how awesome your Shivan Dragon was compared to the silly dual land card you traded. Can’t see the fear in your opponent’s eyes with a dual land.  What are some of your favourite cards?  Any memories from the early Dominaria? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear about Your favourite cards from the past 25 years.

With Masters 25 releasing on Friday, I invite you down to Kapow for a weekend full of drafting fun. We will be hosting drafts on demand all weekend. Wallie has also has created the Tree of Redemption Redemption act of 2018. Let me post his quote here  “Masters 25 releases this Friday! Pre-order your boxes now for only $250! And we are giving you the #NoTreeGuarantee! If you open a Tree of Redemption in a pack of Masters 25 purchased here and opened IN STORE we will redeem that pack for any other pack in stock!”. Join in and redeem those trees!

Friday night- Masters 25 releases and ON DEMAND DRAFTS! For those wanting some constructed play we will have Standard and Commander available for you.

Saturday – Commander League Week 2 hits the tables. Come earn those points and claim the title of Kapow’s Archmage!


Thank you for reading this weeks edition of Magic Matt’s Menagerie. Until next time remember the Gatewatch enjoys coffee on EVERY plane they visit. I’m thinking if you ever visit New Phyrexia you avoid that coffee. Yeah, probably a good idea……

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