Our Gaming Space

The true heart of a hobby and gaming store is its play area. This is where players get together to clash wits in fierce battle, strangers instantly make friends around a newly opened board game, and competitors flock to the store to try their hand in events and tournaments. In-store play is the very lifeblood of the gaming world!

We thoroughly believe that an active in-store gaming community and available play-space is vitally important, and so made sure we have the best gaming area around!  With a large, spacious and clean gaming area, Kapow can house over 50 players at a time for a wide range of events. Magic the Gathering, Warmachine, X-Wing, Board Gaming nights, Pokemon, Yugioh, and so many more are played here on a daily basis. Casual, un-scheduled, all-ages play is frequent, fun and welcome here!  Bring some friends and play whatever game you want, whenever you want.

We have sturdy portable tables, plenty of comfortable chairs, terrain for your miniatures games, as well as a large television screen and bright colours to creates fun and friendly ambience. A clean, updated bathroom is fully accessible at all times, plus we have snacks and drinks to keep your energy up.

Simply put, our store is the best place to play games in the city!