Space Invaders vendor space

Introducing: SPACE INVADERS!

You’re sitting at home with piles of toys and comics and collectibles for sale. You’re waiting for that next show. You’re waiting for kijiji calls. What if you could get constant eyes on your product? What if the rates to do so were cheaper then most shows and expos and lasted for a month and not just a weekend? What if that space was in Lethbridge’s favorite comic, gaming and hobby store on the busiest street in town?

Well, it can be!

Kapow Comics and Games is introducing their new Kapow vendor space rental program, Space Invaders! You will rent space in the store by the month and put whatever products you like on the shelves (or in your boxes) and only pay once. We have a very simple table rate as well as a 5% per transaction surcharge.

Potential vendors can rent any amount of varied space in the store. The rate are as following:

Wall Shelf: $30
Short Box: $30
Long Box: $50
Spinner Rack for comics, books and magazines: $50

Multiples are available

Other spaces: Open Wall, Floor Shelves, etc available. Just approach us with your request and we can come up with a fair price!

Your items will need to be properly tagged with your vendor info and correct price on all items. All items will be sold like a normal transaction through our register. We then e-transfer you the correct amount on the first Monday of each month for the sales during the previous one. All rentals are month to month, allowing you to take items away when you are done your selling period, or keep going for as long as it takes to sell them out!

Items allowed: Comic Books of all sorts, toys, pop culture collectibles/statues, home made pop culture items, wargaming miniatures, hobbyist for hire advertisements, board games, video games and systems, autographed and limited edition items and everything related to your favorite geekdom within pop culture. Just ask if your items fit!

Invade our space now!


Or see us in store at 320 6th Street South in downtown Lethbridge