Stuff Your Stocking Sale!

Bring a stocking in. Fill it up with all the goodies. Save some money. Hang it up. Be the best gift giver around!

From Monday Dec 19th to close on Christmas Eve we are doing our first ever Stuff Your Stocking sale! Bring in your own stocking (or get one from us!) and fill it up! Whatever can stay in it while you hold the stocking you get for 25% off! Blind Boxes, Pins, comics, toys, figures, dice, stuffies whatever you can fit!* We’ll add it up and give you a pretty darned big discount!

*Restricted to items under $50
*doesn’t not include MtG or any CCG singles

*does not apply to items already on sale

We can’t wait to take some pictures of our awesome customers with stockings full! We are going to pick our favorite picture and give you a stocking of our own!

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