Titles to read this week!

Happy Holidays, from your friendly neighbourhood Kapow comic guy, Justin, here with another list of comics recommendations for you to read over the holidays, because we all know comics are the ones you want to spend the time with. Starting off our list this week is Dark Nights: Metal #4, enter Sandman, this issue builds that the new mythos of the multiverse, the dark multiverse. and who Barbatos is. If you haven’t been reading this series it is time you fix that, and we can get you caught up on it asap.

Next up, my pick of the new Marvel titles of this week, Marvel Two-In-One, Chip Zdarsky bring together two members of the first family as the look for the missing Sue & Reed Richards who haven’t been seen since the end of Secret Wars (2015). If you picked up the Marvel Legacy one shot a couple of months ago you know that this title is building to something potentially big for the Marvel universe.

And finally, to keep you in the mood for the Holidays, I recommend for you the wonderful Holiday treat that is Hellboy Krampusnacht, do I need to sell you more than the idea of Hellboy facing off against Krampus? I didn’t think so! Make sure to swing by the shop this week and grab yourself these great titles and more, plus don’t forget if you don’t have a file with us we can fix that for you. Happy Holidays from Kapow!

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