Top 10 Subscribed Comic Titles of the Month

People often ask what our most popular comics are.  Well, here’s a list!


1. BATMAN: To no one’s surprise, Batman is #1 and almost always is.  The Rebirth storyline has been quite interesting as it tells the story of the rebirth and rebuild of the Bat-family as a whole.  Batman is also one of the few characters that knows something is up.  What that is, he’s not sure, but if anyone will find out…

2. HARLEY QUINN: Another non shocker.  She’ll only get more popular too.  If you have old Harley books, keep a hold of them!

3. ALL STAR BATMAN: The New 52 Scott Snyder led team is back together, telling a trip across the country.  This is more a tale of the bad guy then the batguy, but thoroughly entertaining nonetheless.

4. SUICIDE SQUAD: Harley Quinn and a contentious movie lead this team to prominence.  Everyone loves a bad guy, right?

5. DOCTOR STRANGE:  Though the movie helps, this book has been bouyed by consistently excellent writing.  He’s a compelling character in a compelling world.

6. OLD MAN LOGAN: Wolverine sells!  This is one of my favorites.  A strange tale of love, loss and redemption that’s shockingly touching when it needs to be and violent when it wants to be.

7. STAR WARS: Another no shocker for the top 10.  The creative team is having fun with this, telling stories they want but keeping the universe a whole.  It’s actually a really great gap filler to the movies and makes certain things mean more.

8. ARCHIE: Led by the artistic talents of Calgary’s own Fiona Staples, this new, modern take on Archie quickly took off.  Even without her filling the panels, the book is succeeding on simply being really, really good.  Grown up, mature, realistic.

9. DEADPOOL: I was shocked to not find this higher!

10.  DEATHSTROKE: The new Deathstroke title is getting some real press for it’s writing.  It’s DC’s hidden gem to many fans.

Honorable Mentions: Justice League, Poe Dameron, Red Hood and the Outlaws.


Comics that SHOULD be top 10 if people listened to me more: Invincible, Black Monday Murders, East Meets West, most Valiant books


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