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Lethbridge’s favorite comic, gaming and hobby store is hiring!   We are looking to fill a casual/part time position(s). We will be honest, we’re looking for someone special & we’ve got very specific requirements.

We are looking for someone who can work just a few shifts a week, who can handle: comic book, games and general merchandise sales; cleaning and maintenance of store from top to bottom; stocking & facing shelves, and other such retail tasks; and above all, providing friendly, knowledgeable & enthusiastic customer service!


What qualifications do you absolutely need?

  • Your resume MUST have a cover letter. We will not accept any resumes without them.

If you’ve already put in a resume… too bad!   Show how serious you are and bring in another!

  • MUST be available weekends and evenings. No exceptions!
  • Retail and sales experience is highly valued. Show us your experience in floor sales, customer relations, merchandising and the day to day operations of a retail store.  Sales ability is required!
  • Must show interest, if not outright knowledge, in board games, comic books and “geek” culture.


What qualifications will really get our attention?

  • Proven experience in online sales (eBay, Kijiji, web based online stores)
  • Proven experience/training/education in Social Media use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Experience with Word Press and Word Press based websites.


Most of all, show us why we absolutely NEED to hire you. Tell us why we can’t afford NOT to hire you!


Deliver resumes in person to Wallie at Kapow Ltd., located at 320 6th Street S., Lethbridge, AB.


2016-07-23 Hiring Ad


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