What is High Bridge?

What, indeed, is High Bridge?

At it’s core, High Bridge is a home made, completely original campaign based on and inspired by the online style of RPGing called West Marches.

High Bridge is a living world. Your actions matter. Time progresses. There is permanency. When you defeat Golgarathanack The Red Dragon, Golgarathanack is dead. No respawns. When your character dies and can’t be brought back, a brave new adventurer comes to High Bridge. One group won’t be doing the same adventure as another. They might be working in the same area towards a similar goal, but it won’t just be the same pre-written adventure. Everything is unique. This is a world created by Dungeon Masters and Players alike.

The basic story is a old, forgotten land has been re-discovered on the other side of a dangerous, foreboding mountain range. The call has been made to settlers and adventurers to join the founders and their investors in making a new land their own.

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Again, the theme here is “Your actions matter.”

Players will show up on game nights and see what’s on the board. It’s the Fort’s “Help Wanted” post. Perhaps a dog went missing. Maybe a shipment is late. Maybe goblins have been spotted, or something large in the forest or something dark of wing flying near the mountains. Or maybe someone just wants you to clear out the area and make it safe for settlers. Also different then normal Adventurer’s League is the sense of “campaign”. Nearly all adventures will be one night and done. If you can’t finish, it’s assumed you’ve come back to the fort to restock and heal and rethink how to finish the objective. Or maybe you went and did something either way out of your reach (level 1’s finding trolls) or way too easy (do the high levels really want to go clear a barn of a couple stirges?). This is where the sense of community comes in. The adventure goes back on the board and you can let the appropriate friends know about something they can do.

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This doesn’t mean there won’t be fun events happening. They will. Trust me. We have some amazing ideas in mind.

Basically, TLDR: This is a tabletop MMO without respawns.

This is completely unique, untried and basically a first as far as we know it. We are putting on a grand experiment and everyone’s invited. Your input and activity matters. You get as much back as you put in. This, on paper and in our head, seems to be the perfect way to run an open “come and go as you please” style of in store organized play role playing. Let’s hope we’re right!

See you in High Bridge!

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