Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering card

Magic the Gathering, one of the largest organized games in the world, has taken Lethbridge by storm. Kapow has Southern Alberta’s only dedicated trading and sales site for collectible card games and Magic the Gathering (MtG). We also have an amazing staff, with unmatched dedicated and knowledge. There is no better place than Kapow to go for your MtG gaming needs!

We stock a full range of Magic supplies, including new booster boxes and packs as well as a large and ever changing variety of older out of print sets.  We also carry one of the best selections of single cards in the area, along with the enthuisiasm, experience and ability to help you build the best possible deck. Looking to protect your investment? We also carry a full range of sleeves and deck boxes.

We host Magic the Gathering events six days a week, including: Friday Night Magic; Commander; Legacy; Modern; Booster Drafts; Grand Prix Trials; and more!  We are the most active spot for MtG and collectible card gaming and collecting in the city – come meet us, and see why!

The Tap-Pit offers an extensive collection for trading and buying, plus we also buy collections and individual cards!   Our rates for buying/trading are as follows:

60% value in cash purchase

70% value in trade

We currently use for pricing.  Come see us for a more extensive run down on our buying and trading policies!