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Hobby Paint

Miniatures wargaming has been around for centuries and it has never had a stronger following than right now! Kapow carries the hottest brands and games in the industry, including Games Workshop, Guildball, X-Wing, and many more. As well, we give players a spacious game room to do battle in! Custom and manufactured terrain is always available for you to use on our store tables, making sure your gaming experience is the best it can be.

Games Workshop is the world’s biggest miniatures game and sees regular support.   Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar and Kill Team are all constantly supported with events every month.  X-Wing hits the tables quite often in weekly play, league play and events, Guildball sees action constantly and we often have many other special game nights and events dedicated to these great games.  Weekly game days and knowledgeable staff make Kapow your one-stop shop for wargaming miniatures. We also carry a wide variety of paint, brushes, glue and hobby supplies. Pick just the right colors for your models and get advice on how to make them look great for the table!


We are a host of official ITC events as well!  These are Warhammer 40k’s premiere events with tournaments held around the world.  

Frontline Gaming’s Independent Tournament Circuit